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4 Ways To Potty Train Your Puppy!

This will help!



Mark out a designated toilet area in your home (if you don’t live in an independent house). It could be the veranda or ideally, the bathroom. Till a pup crosses three months of age they are going to take a pee every one to two hours and most definitely immediately after a meal and directly after they wake up. Once you figure out how often the pup is going and when take her immediately to her designated area. Pat and praise her when she does her job there. Within a couple of weeks, the pup will get the idea and will go there whenever she wants to relieve itself. However, be prepared for mishaps – they are puppies after all!

You can start taking the pup out for walks only after he has had all his shots. Never take a pup on the road until he has been immunised; he could pick up a fatal disease. And when you take the puppy out, always take him on a leash. Puppies are excitable and any little thing could trigger them off and have them haring off across the road. Since they have not developed any road sense, a passing vehicle could knock them down, resulting in serious injury or death.

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