11 Things I learnt After I Broke Up With The Love Of My Life!

Cheers to a new beginning!



  • Being alone could mean that you can do whatever you like. Catch the movie that you have been dying to watch or go to the diner that is in the end of town. You are not dependent on anyone’s decision or wishes anymore.
  • Blaming someone is immature; you need to find solutions for your situations. If the solution is breaking up then you must.
  • Never go back to your ex, there is a reason you broke up and that reason should be enough to keep you away. Also, being friends with your ex is a very bad decision and I guarantee you that it won’t end well.
  • Never believe them when they say that the problem lies in you. You are perfect, and you will find the perfect one who will love you with all your shortcomings.

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