The Other Woman!

One relationship women don’t want to lose out on is the one they have with their maids. Never let her go!

Ever thought how your morning would be when you realize your maid hasn’t turned up? Hell breaks loose and hits you right on the face! You have 30 minutes on the clock and the entire house is shoddy. With women balancing their professional and personal lives, they definitely cannot do without domestic help. A baby-sitter and a house maid always come to your rescue. It won’t be a gross exaggeration to say that at times, we await our maids’ arrival more than our husbands’.



When you move into a new neighborhood, the first person you need is a maid. You ask around the neighborhood. The selection process is no less than bride-hunting. Some go by word of mouth and some look for maids whose timings suit their routine. After the screening process of the eligible candidates, you zero in on that one perfect maid. She suits the timings of your family members. Believe it or not, some women make sure they have their family adjust to the timings of their maids. A maid is finally chosen after a lot of negotiation and you are definitely the happiest woman on earth when you realize you don’t have to do the dishes, laundry and you can hit work right on time. You make sure no one in the family upsets your maid, or you might just end up losing your chosen one.


Slowly, your relationship blossoms. She gives you all the required gossip from the neighborhood. Your neighbor’s wife must not be aware of her husband’s wrongdoings, but your maid is. The network of your colony’s maids is stronger than any other workers union. They are capable of making or breaking your image in the neighborhood. Make sure you don’t upset her.


Ever wondered how Angelina Jolie manages her brood of six? How does she manage to tour the world for work and is a United Nations ambassador? The one person she needs the most is her nanny. Talking of nannies, at a recent event, actor Jyotika, who is making a grand comeback with 36 Vayadhinile, gave a heart- warming speech and attributed her comeback to her nanny among others. We would probably find it beyond difficult to focus on our passion if it wasn’t for our domestic help.


Some maids communicate with their employers on Whatsapp. Now that’s swag, isn’t it? Imagine she isn’t coming on time, not returning your calls but is online on Whatsapp. Is she going to work for my neighbor? Am I going to lose out on her because my nosy neighbor is luring her away? Too many questions and doubts occupy your mind. Now you know why it’s called marriage.


For some of us she is the only one who looks at you and knows you are happy, upset, angry, sad or if you have just had a tiff with your man. Your mother-in-law has just ticked you off and you want to spill the venom. You can’t tell your husband, you can’t tell your neighbor and you don’t have a friend who can share your misery right away, so you turn to the other woman, your maid. Sometimes, all you need is a good listener and your maid more than listens to your ranting.


The day she comes over and tells you she wants to move on and leave, you are devastated. You imagine waking up and realizing that she is not a part of your life anymore and you have to find someone who could take her place. You get another maid but the perfect maid seldom comes by.
On a lighter note, Charlotte from Sex and the City dreads losing her baby-sitter than losing her husband when she realizes he must have been cheating on her with her beautiful and sexy nanny. Makes us think how badly we need our domestic help.


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