9 Ways Parents Can Handle Their Children’s First Love!

Adolescence and love!

Even as kids reach adolescence, they need more than ever for us to watch over them. For parents adolescence is not about letting go. It is about hanging on during a very bumpy ride. 

Adolescence is an emotional whirlwind for the teens and parents are invariably drawn into it.  Certainly it is not going to be a smooth sail for either. Times have changed and parents have to accept that their children are going to have a lot more freedom in their teen years than they probably ever did. Intelligent parents should try and be a part of their child’s world as they alone can buffer them against the emotional angst and physical confusion that are an inevitable part of the teenage years. A lot of people go on to marry their childhood and high school sweethearts so as parents do not be dismissive about puppy love.We have come up with a few suggestions to handle puppy love that is a vital component of the growing up years.

Start early: Begin talking about adolescence and all the changes it brings about before children actually get there. It helps them expect and deal with things in a more informed manner when they actually experience it. Exposure to media gives them an idea but you can help them understand it in a more sensible and scientific way. Tell girls that they will have monthly menstrual cycles accompanied by bodily changes and inform boys about how testosterone is going to rule their lives henceforth.

Written By: Niharika Reddy

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