7 Rules of Petting

With our busy lives, we tend to ignore our pets and they end up living merely sharing space with us!

The pup, the parrot, the cat or any pet you get home, becomes a part of your family. Given the fact that the trust among humans is depreciating, the relationship animals have with us is not only faithful, but also truthful, genuine and unconditional. With our busy lives, we tend to ignore these lovely family members and they end up as living things that merely share space with us. Meet them, greet them and return the love they deserve. If you haven’t met your pet yet, go back home today and treat them the way they treat you.



When we invest our time and energy in relationships which sometimes end up in heartbreak, why not honor a relationship with your pet? Rest assured this is one relationship which is unconditional. Take some time out of your busy schedule; take your pet for a walk. If you have scheduled 10-15 minutes for your pet, make sure you adhere to it. The walk will help you bond and will keep yours and your pet’s day going.


We all love some pampering and affection. Your pet is bound to feel lonely if you ignore him or her. Indulge in physical gestures like patting or simply letting them lie on your lap. Your pet craves your attention and they are capable of de-stressing you after a hectic day at work. Make sure you return this affection to your pet.


Meet a vet and make a to-do list of how to take care of your pet. Keep them clean and healthy. Having a pet is no different than having a baby. Feed them with nutritional food and keep a check on any worms that are infecting their health. Visit the vet regularly to make sure your pet is far from any medical complications.


If the entire family is going for a yearly vacation, the one and only family member bound to be left out is your pet. If it’s difficult to travel with your pet, which is always the case, make sure you hand him or her over to a trustworthy friend or pet care. While on vacation, the last thing that should worry you is the well being of your pet. This is why leaving them with your trusted friend is the best option. Keep a check! If travelling locally, take that bundle of joy along for a long drive. Pets love long drives!


Street dogs, pet-stealers and animal traffickers exist all over the world. Do not let off your pet on a busy road for the fear of accidents. Pets tend to escape and wander if not guarded. You don’t have to tie them up, just make sure the house is locked.


No living or breathing life on this earth deserves to be abused physically or mentally. Humans are privileged with the senses we are born with. We can talk, scream, fight and express ourselves. Animals have no way of expressed when they are abused. If you are training your pet, be gentle. Do not indulge in any kind of abuse. The pets turn violent and are expected to attack you in return if kept under harsh circumstances. Live free and let them be!


We have friends and we love hanging out with them. When taking your pet for a walk let them socialize with other adorable beings in the neighborhood. In an unspoken language, they converse, play and feel happier when let free. Keeping them lonely will make them aggressive and uncontrollable.

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