7 points to remember on your first date!

Look for the signs!

With hundreds of dating apps all over your smart phones, it’s practically impossible to not find a date these days. First of all, it is as exciting as dangerous it is and making sure you don’t make silly mistakes is the goal. When you go on a first date, you don’t want to seem desperate. Check out the 7 most important rules to follow on the first date.

• Lock up honesty

No matter how badly you want to discuss your ex flings with your date for the heck of the conversation, just don’t! You have no idea what a big mouth your date is and you don’t want the entire social media or common friends to know that little secret about your past.

• Go Dutch

It’s not very attractive to act like a diva who’s forgotten her wallet at home. Whether or not your date offers to pay, you should offer to split the bill.

• Anti-creep dress

You don’t know what a creep your date is, so it’s always good to dress modestly (especially after stories of how ‘some’ men judge you on the way you are dressed). Refrain from flashing those beautiful assets.

• No kiss, No tell

Well, we must have read dozens of articles on why you should not kiss on the first date. Though it’s very subjective, it won’t be as much fun if he doesn’t call you back and you will definitely regret it. Let the lust wait for a few more dates.

• Watch, Observe, Run!

At any given point you realize that the date is going to the creepland, grab your pumps and run.

• Alcoholic love

No matter how welcoming the bottle of wine is, keep the spirit levels low to make sure you don’t let your senses sleep. Passing out on a first date is just not cool.

• Ditch the Diva

Respect the fact that a guy is making an effort to impress you and refrain from being the ‘oh I care a damn’ kind of a diva. Guys do not appreciate women who can’t strike a down to earth attitude. Be reserved but approachable.

• Break the stereotype

It’s no longer applicable only for the man to call you back. If you are impressed with your first date, call him and have a short but effective conversation post the date.


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