5 things only couples in a long distance relationship will know

Long distance relationship has its own set of fringe benefits that you never knew existed.

While most of you have the jitters when it comes to spending a few months away from your partner, long distance relationships has its own set of fringe benefits that you never knew existed says Sneha Balan.


Right from missing your partner to wishing you have them hung, it is all a part of a big game called love. And this game, when played by the rules, is not that bad. When you’ve got technology that can even help you send your dog to Mars, there shouldn’t be any problem maintaining the perfect LDR with your partner. Be it the random 2AM quarrel or the green-eyed monster living inside feasting on your insecurities, technology today only helps you and your relationship grow into something mature and meaningful. Apart from those, what else does an LDR offer you?

Expert in Empathizing

When you are in a long distance relationship with your partner, all you can do is be there for them when they’re feeling blue. And just being on the other end of the phone and hearing them out will soon help you become a very understanding person, giving you experience in simply being there for everyone.

Improves communication skills

Be it a fight or a simply having a pointless conversation that might, you know, end up in a fight, you learn how and where to put in the essential words and filter out the unnecessary ones. And with continuous practice, you only become a great speaker! This will help you have those ever-lasting bonds with friends and family.

You is independent. You is strong

You can handle anything and anybody if you’ve handled an LDR. In a long distance relationship, most of the time spent apart and alone helps you understand your level of independency and maturity to gather yourself and take it from anywhere.

Planning and executing gets better

When a new year begins and you grab that calendar and begin circling and making advance plans for all those common holidays you both get, you in turn become an expert in planning and a perfect tour guide for your friends too.

Fight and survive the fight

LDRs often require a fight to keep the relationship going. It teaches you how to always prioritize and give your partner the importance they deserve. And sometimes, when things get harder, you need to survive the fight too. Sometimes it is all about calling them up at 3AM and telling them how much you love them and that they are worth this struggle. And this alone helps you understand how important it is to keep the things you love close to you, however difficult the situation may be.

So next time someone comes up to you and tells you that they are doing the distance, tell them it is going to be just fine because whatever may be the outcome of the relationship, it will only mould them into a better individual and develop these attributes they never thought they would have in them.

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