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5 Natural Cooking Oils You Can Use For Indian Recipes!

Healthy oils for Indian cuisine!

 ‘Cholesterol’ and ‘obesity’ are household terms now. People have new worries these days – am I eating the right food? Is it healthy enough? It is a new era where the health consciousness dominate and anything with a hint of oil is considered taboo. 

Indian cooking, in general, involves the use of more oil than we realise. In today’s world of computers, desk jobs and weight problems, it is important to cook and eat healthily. Though ‘oily food’ is considered fatty and unhealthy, there are ways to make some of your favourite dishes without clogging your arteries at the same time. Ensuring that you use healthy cooking oil is one of easiest ways to cut down on the fatty foods you eat. Here is our pick of the top healthy cooking oils.


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