To Love A Second Time : Finding Love After a Failed Marriage

Love is complicated, the first, the second or the even the third time. And there is a myth floating in the world that love happens only once. Love can happen multiple times, with multiple people, in multiple circumstances. But the kind of love that makes you want to commit your entire life to somebody has a different power.

We tend to make mistakes when we are young, our priorities, maturity, understanding, experience- everything is limited with our age. Love in your teens or early 20s can be tricky, it’s impulsive and in some unfortunate cases, doesn’t last very long. But a failed marriage is certainly not indicative of your ability to have a beautiful sustainable relationship. Adopting a different approach while looking for a partner might come with a different outcome. Here are some steps to follow when you are looking at settling down the second time around:

Taking Time: Rushing into a relationship is never right. Taking a sufficient amount of time to know one another before committing to a lifelong relationship is crucial. While it’s impossible to learn everything about a person, spending time with your significant other can help you get a balance on your relationship with him. Getting to know temperaments, history, future plans, family etc help you picture your life together better.

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