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Kamal Haasan Tells Us The Story Of His Near Fatal Fall! And It Is So Scary!

Kamal actually fell from his terrace!

My second  attempt though guttural and without panache , was a audible shout. she heard it. I could hear the panic in her voice . I tried saying I am here but my lung refused to cooperate with air to raise a voice. i was lying face down i gave up and ate some mud and tried to spit it out worked only partially. You needed the lung even to spit i thought I was thinking of the height i fell . Oh Shooot  almost 20 feet without beds or air bags .  Am I dying ? Once again i heard G shouting ” I am coming” in Telugu. Every man and woman to their tongue when in trauma. if I am dying what language would I talk to G. Oh shut up! I told the drama queen whom I chase away even when i am writing .

G  was running towards me . Hope she doesn’t trip and fall in her panic. I was cursing myself for my carelessness pain was searing. fool fool I realized i was saying it loud . Is this what You wanted ? Gautami answered ” what i wanted ?  I love you I said again loosing wind She kept repeating .in Teliugu.” Entandi idi”. Her voice was loosing pitch and swaying into a yodel of deep sorrow.  “Call the ambulance” she shouted to some one. I could hear her shuddering sobs.  My head was reeling now with pain . Wanting to make light of the  situation and to divert her and my attention I said in Tamil. “Check my right leg”

Yeah to is broken …badly she said ” I knew my brave lady had returned . The daughter of two doctors was in character now. Pain and confidence returned . The hubris of being alive brought back my  humor. What do you thing of the leg? Edit? I asked  miming scissors   with my fingers . G walked away  with an angry grunt to see what’s being done about the ambulance. “Phone Appolo “she gave instructions.

Well I am alive but G did not find my humor tasteful . I didnt find all the sand I was gathering in my mouth tasteful either. I was slobbering though there was no blood . I checked. Back among the living!. But on what condition ? “Conditions apply my mind quicklyinterjected like an I nsurance advert. I must have slipped for a wee bit into unconsciousness. The ambulance had arrives and they were moving me and bringing back waves of pain. I did not have any wind left in me to scream or moan. All must have assumed I am a lion hearted iron man. With super high pain tolerance . my mind though was screaming . The ride to the hospital was event free but I fell every metre of the travel .  I recognized every speed breaker with my spine and leg . I am not a regular blogger you see . So I will stop here ,assess and let you know  of my Apollo  adventure  after seeing reactions of friends who care . Won’t pursue if it sounds silly  and tedious to them I wrote assuming they would like to hear. I have lot of writing to do . If this writing  is not appreciated I better go back to where it is . Got 2 new scripts to finish.


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