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Kamal Haasan Tells Us The Story Of His Near Fatal Fall! And It Is So Scary!

Kamal actually fell from his terrace!

The Fall And Rise

My tweet about the near miss has created curiosity among those who cared to follow it. People! people! people! What will I do without you ? What will I be without you? Or what all I would’nt have been? My purpose my frustrations fame and fortune is of you. Majority who read my tweet were curious . A few read between the lines I wrote within the confining word count of twitter. What ever be the reader’s deduction . Many stories abound about the incident. I must elaborate on a promised story on twitter and the original version. Those who know me will know I am no regular blogger. No blogger at all. I have noticed most film stars’ twitter and FB accounts are the”Mirror mirror on the wall ” kind . To the few who might rise indignantly to refute, sorry I did not mean you guys…… . Any way can’t blame me for  wanting a  mirror on my digital wall. Hence the promise to share the story of the fall. What I thought was the end my story turned into another story to be told. Thankful as I am, The show must go on..

So, I guess on the 14 of July . I decided to go to my office at 10 pm . Not an everyday occurrence  but nothing odd either. Gautami decided to play mom instead of my lover partner that night . She was not keen on that trip nor did she approve me going either. I climbed the steps of my Eldams road office, wondering if I should cut the tree branch which has taken advantage of my green world attitude and is cruelly weighing  on my old office building.  We don’t take care of nature , it takes care of us…  if we don’t  F around with it. I guess I was Fooling around with it 😉 . I went on to climb the stairs to the third floor thinking of my 3 films to be completed within 70 days of shooting . Our meticulous planning would make that possible, Just 45 days to go. If we pull it off it would be a new record at least in my company history. 3 full films in Hindi Tamil and Telugu. I had reached the 3rd floor of my 112 year old office building It belonged to my father, brothers and my only sister. Now to me. I saw G had sat down at the top of the flight of open stairs leading to the first floor , nose to her phone . Probably a video game or texting friends. She looked up ” Want me to come up ? she asked. Full of myself and my films I must have nodded. I could see her get up with a sigh in my perpheral vision. I walked across the large open terrace. My play ground , my danger lab  My take off point of tarmac and cement for dreams of sex sex art and wealth. Where I played all the dangerous games for boys. I lived in this house since I was 5.  I walked to the very back of the house and found that secret sunshade. The  cement sunshade where,  when I was 16 smoked cigarettes without my mom knowing . CIGARETTE SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH. (Sorry my central certification board meetings PTS) Back to:  The vantage  cement perch with a a view and a butt disposal facility . I can chuck my extinguished butts right  into my neighbours back yard and exhibit A disappears

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