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Kamal Haasan Tells Us The Story Of His Near Fatal Fall! And It Is So Scary!

Kamal actually fell from his terrace!

The poor teatotaler  must have be studying for his, IAS exams while his parents,suspected him of smoking. The neighbor then ( House behind mine not beside.) is now my friend and will come to know of my little crimes only through this blog. He is an important Tamil writer and hence might understand the crude behavior of a character and let the character dictate instead of him . ( Sorry P.A.KI.-short for P.A Krishnan} Anyway that nostalgia perch had been of solace.  Even when I decided on my divorce. without a cigarette .I had reduced smoking to almost stopping level after my mom was long gone. One of  my favorite poems I wrote here . This special perch had spawned not only a smokers cough but also ideas .   . I swung myself gently onto to the sinshade from the terrace which was 5 feet above it. My palms were placed firmly on the terrace to lower my weight like I were doing parallel bar dips . Only both my hands were in front of me. I gently dropped on the sunshade and my world changed I was falling .

My mind was quick. It had time to realize I was in terible danger Thats a lot of falling it thought . Oh you stupid fool. There goes all you r plan . Think what can you do.  Franticallycurged thebrain Before it could hit upon a idea for survival I had hit the ground . I could hear my right shin bone crack . Oh! My spine next , I thought, when my body careened backwards. Well that is just a small fall  yet, wont crack my spine. I sat with a thump on my coccyx and realized it was not that short a fall. Then my back hit the ground winding me. Silence . Why I fell i didn’t know then. No use thinking about it. Got to turn and get up . Turning  was an effort my back near my L 4  5 6 or 3  Damn! It hurt. I managed  to turn  and not all of me turned with me My leg stayed behind in a funny angle but fully and painfully connected to me. I had enough wind to call out ” Gautami”  the first attempt was like in the Inji iduppazhaga scene where the heroes wife tries to sing for her husband on her first night and only wind escapes her throat.

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