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Shruti Haasan Opens Up About Her Spat With Gautami

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Shruti Haasan has been in the news recently for various reasons including being bashed on the Internet for taking up the role of Malar from the blockbuster Malayalam hit, Premam. Shruti stars in the Telugu remake of the film. Shruti has already issued a statement to all the trolls and Premam lovers. Now, she has opened up about her alleged spat with her step-mom, Gautami. The Haasan family is currently working on Sabash Naidu, a laugh riot which is headed for a December release this year. While Kamal Haasan holds the realm of directing, daughters Akshara and Shruti have also been involved in the project. Shruti plays Kamal’s daughter in the film, the duo will be seen together on-screen for the first time, while Akshara has been helping with the script and production. Kamal’s partner Gautami is the costume designer for the film.

Sources from the sets of Sabash Naidu had said that Shruti and Gautami had a fight over the costume selection for shruti and the issue was resolved after the makers intervened. Shruti in a recent interview has opened up about the matter.

‘In the film, my character is that of a feisty, spunky and independent woman. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was 19. So, there were discussions on what style would go well with the character. And I think we have come up with a great look. It was a team effort, we have a good product in hand and that’s all that matters. If I start bothering about the rumors, then I wouldn’t be working as much as I am now.’

When asked if she had spoken to Gautami after the reports emerged, she said,

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