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The joy of being in a truly fulfilling relationship cannot be described in words and trying to do so would be a futile attempt. Not many realize it but being in love is as important as food, air, and water. Science has proven that when in love the pleasure centers of the brain light up like a Christmas tree. Ask anyone in love and they will tell you that not only does love make the world go round; it also turns it upside down. Sadly a third of all love stories run out of steam midway. The reasons could be numerous but there can be no denying that most issues can be resolved if you follow these suggestions when you find that special person who completes you.


Two individuals no matter how similar in thoughts and taste will inevitably have different expectations and needs. It is unrealistic to expect your partner to read your mind all the time and do what makes you happy without any help from your side. Communication is vital to a healthy relationship and helps sort out minor irritants which might get too big to be resolved later. Making your partner aware of how special they are and how much you love and care for them through actions both big and small will certainly keep the fire of love burning. Communication need not always be verbal and is not about using logic and verbal grandiose to win an argument or prove a point. Rather it should be a way to understand and fulfill each other in all aspects of a relationship.  If something bothers you, do communicate it effectively with your partner for ignorance is not always bliss.

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