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Though this word has a certain negative connotation to it, experience teaches us that compromising is an integral part of all relationships and does not mean settling for anything sub-par. It just means giving in at times to smoothen the edges of an otherwise sound relationship. For example, if your partner would rather eat out on weekends while you would prefer a home cooked meal, then make something together at home and later step out for an evening of fun. But if it is just one person making all the compromises all the time then the relationship needs a serious overhaul. Being together should make you happy and not dejected and depressed. Remember love like every other relationship is about giving and taking and will rarely ever be picture perfect. Love is not going to be all pink and rosy but will have its fair share of dark clouds and thunderstorms.



Despite the fact that humans are social beings, every person needs that “ME” time. Togetherness is, without doubt, an integral part of the commitment, but that being together should never turn claustrophobic, leaving one gasping for breath. You and your partner should be a part of each other and never try to become the complete whole. Try and have some common friends and some friends who are yours only. Try and have partner free evenings every now and then. Strangely, studies have shown that couples who are joined at the hip and do everything together have a greater risk of failing in their relationship. In today’s age, couples who pursue their mutual interests while remaining “soul mates” and not “cellmates” are more likely to have fulfilling and successful relationships. Make time to pursue your own interests and certainly, your partner will admire you for being a person of many dimensions.

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