I Love Two Men At The Same Time And My Reasons Are Totally Justified!

None of this was serious until I met Lucky!

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Relationships are of various kinds – while some believe in loyalty to one, others are absolutely okay with polygamy. However, the story of this 21-year-old student completely changes the way you look at relationships. In yet another interesting story by AkkarBakkar, your judgement towards relationships will now have a different perspective.

“I’m a 21-year-old management student. I’ve always been a cheerful girl in school; confident and driven. I’ve been with a lot of guys in my life. But none of this was serious until I met Lucky.He was a college senior, eight years older than me and a striking opposite. He was shy, sober, charming and a fitness freak. He’s well-built and for the first day I saw him, I wanted to talk to him. He’s not a typically handsome guy, but I was instantly attracted to him. But before long, I forgot about him and got busy with my new life.”

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