I Love My Husband But I Cannot Stop Fantasizing About My Boss!

How do I control my feelings?


First of all, you’re not the only person in the world who fantasizes about her boss. Stop feeling so guilty about a sin you haven’t committed. Yes, there are millions of women and men in the world who get sexually attracted to others for their intellect – they’re called Sapiosexual! However, though you haven’t done anything physically yet, try keeping your thoughts in control when around him! It’s okay to have these thoughts but going on and trying to make it real, is where the infidelity lies. Looks like you have a very strong conscience and if you end up on bed with him, you will never be able to forgive yourself. Though might sound sound clichéd, try bringing the spark back in to your sex life with your husband. Even though we think it’s all good, a great holiday, short weekend getaway will help you invest your thoughts in your husband. It will pass! You won’t feel attracted to him too long!

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