I Love My Husband But I Cannot Stop Fantasizing About My Boss!

How do I control my feelings?


I have no complaints about my sex life with my husband and I can’t understand why I want to have sex with my boss. The fact that he’s almost my age and has achieved so much professionally is what makes me attracted to him. As it is a creative line of work, we work late nights and are often alone together. I have a feeling that both, me and my boss are on the same page and there is an unsaid tension between us.

I’m stuck in a situation where on one side, I just want to give in to my attraction and on the flip side worry about the consequences. Also, I like my job and wouldn’t want to compromise on that either. I understand that there is a moral obligation to my marriage and taking a step in this direction will mean infidelity, I am however not worried about people’s judgment. In simple words, what matters to me is my marriage and my career. I don’t want to cheat on my husband, by I can’t stop thinking about ‘him’. How do I control my feelings?

Here is the answer from our Sex-pert:

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