Hub-be my Valentine!

Rekindling romance with the spouse!

It has been several years since the first Valentine’s Day after the wedding and now the day has lost all its meaning. Make your V-Day romantic again with these offbeat ideas.

Too bored of candy boxes and dinner dates and you are not able to think out of the box. You wait for the kids to fall asleep and when your husband comes home, you whisper a barely audible ‘Happy Valentine’s Day honey’ before you doze off- if this is your life, you need a makeover!

Meet at the middle

You know the drill and you have done it before; each festive season, you separate and meet your respective parents. At first, you go as a couple to both sides but that tradition has fallen apart. This is why you need to meet in the middle.How much of exploration has been done between his hometown and yours? Couple Prateik and Vaishnavi hail from Chennai and Bangalore respectively. Each time they have to visit their native home, they decide to stay just for one day and travel to a meeting point in the midst of both journeys for a vacation. Vaishnavi says, “We landed at Salem and we were overjoyed so much that there were no kids, parents or chores.” They headed off to Yercaud and it was one trip they say they will always indulge in every year.

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