Hub-be my Valentine!

Rekindling romance with the spouse!


The Nostalgia tour

Relive all your best moments. Go on a tour visiting the places you had first met, the place where the proposal happened and maybe even where you had gotten married. A couple who had first met in college visited the same for Valentine’s Day last year on a working day. Renuka says, “After hearing the wonderful testimonials from our teachers about each other, we went to see if our names are still inscribed on the tree next to the canteen where we had inscribed it when we were dating. Luckily for us, there was some cultural events going on in the auditorium hall and though we do not have the concept of prom in India, we couldn’t resist the music and we ended up dancing with the other students like a couple of teenagers all over again! I had become 10 years younger that day.” Redo everything you did during your courtship and see the magic seep in.

The Bucket List

Make a common couple’s bucket list. Put in every idea possible from both sides that you mutually agree on working out in the future. Just like that romantic scene of ‘UP’ where the animated couple keeps a bottle for ‘adventure fund’, make sure you draw up an adventure you plan on doing in the future or go ahead and do it this V-Day. Preethi says, “Right from couple wine-tasting tour to moonlight walk on the beach, we had about 17 things we wanted to do on that list. Last year on V-Day, we randomly decided to finish all of them that day and what a day it was! We were so exhausted by the end of the day that we got blisters on our feet but the pictures we captured speak a whole other story of love, laughter and romance.” Make a scrapbook out of your now newly done bucket list for the future.

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