Exclusive: Actress Nadia Opens Up About Her Husband And Daughters And It Is Super Adorable!

What an adorable family!

Zareena Moidu debuted on the silver screen in the year 1984, marking the entry of the epitome of grace. Known as the ‘economical stylist’ Nadia was a rage and every young girl aspired to be like her, look like her and follow her style sense.

Nadia who made her debut in the industry as a 19-year-old took a long break after marriage and devoted time to raising her lovely daughters, Sanam and Jana. She made a comeback breaking the stereotypical role of a mother, with her critically acclaimed performance in ‘M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi’. An embodiment of grace and poise Nadia is defying the science of aging and continues to be the role model to many women. While Nadia has mostly portrayed herself as the fun-loving, easy going girl, we wanted to know more about what she was like off the screen.

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Both your daughters must be taking several leaves out of your fashion book, what do they think of your fashion sense?

My younger one is very critical about the way I dress. She loves to dress and loves make-up. Whenever I wear an outfit, I need an approval from all of them. If I’m unsure of what I’m wearing, I parade in front of my husband and children. Of course most of the times they will have three different opinions followed by an argument, but my daughters are pretty much there in their ballpark with their fashion and own style sense. My daughters also think I am pretty outdated with my style sense.

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