Exclusive: Actress Nadia Opens Up About Her Husband And Daughters And It Is Super Adorable!

What an adorable family!



You come from the previous generation, battling with the current and trying to fit into the future, how are you as a parent of this generation as bringing up children is difficult and different these days?

We have to evolve as parents; we have to be very open to what their views are. I can talk to my girls literally on anything, whether it is on boyfriends, transgender issues or gay/lesbian issues. My daughters have really opened me up in many aspects as to what people think, how they are looked at, and how we are judgmental. But when you look at it from their perspective, sometimes I feel there is too much interpretation and too much is being read into than what it is, but the children have a point and we should listen to them. I think LISTENING is the key. One important value I’d like to share with parents is something that I practice: whatever it is, never cover up for your children!

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