Dyeing your Hair the First Time? 5 Most Important Things To Keep in Mind Before You Colour Your Hair!

Nail your hair colour!



While some colours stand out and give you the lady gaga look, others are classy and popular. If you want the latter, here’s a list of what to look out for:-


For most Indian skin tones, brown is a safe bet. One of the advantages that this colour has is that it is low-maintenance unlike most of the other colours. Here are some of the shades you can try if you choose to have a change that isn’t too drastic: golden brown, natural brown, red brown, burgundy, ash brown, chocolate brown, black brown, copper brown and the list goes on. You can decide on the density of the shade as you wish:


Red is all rage today. It gives the edgy look. If you are pink skinned, go for dark icy or cold shades of red. But if you are pale, you will look good in pretty much any shade; it could be vivid or something as natural as ginger. Eventually, it comes down to what you think best suits you. In case you are olive or dark skinned, dark red-brown will look stunning. Even shades of auburn are a good option.


Remember to go for golden or warmer blondes or icy blondes depending on the hue of your skin. Warmer skin tones will go best with golden shades while those with cool tones will look nice in cold shades of blonde.

Note: If you want to be bold and try shades of neon, leopard prints, vivid blues and vibrant reds, don’t hesitate. Nevertheless, be sure to pull it off!

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