Dyeing your Hair the First Time? 5 Most Important Things To Keep in Mind Before You Colour Your Hair!

Nail your hair colour!


  • Blondes and silvers are high-maintenance colours. They are going to need all the attention they can get. So be careful before you jump in. Constant root-touch ups will be needed.
  • Silver or white tones can be extra damaging to your hair as they do not extract natural hair colour and add a new colour to them. Instead, they strip your hair off its colour, in other words, they bleach it. Go for this only if you have healthy hair. 
  • Conditioning is necessary. Your hair is bound to be deprived of vitalities and can become frizzy or dry. So take good care and lock the moisture. 
  • Some colours may not have the effect you expected; the outcome might be lighter, especially in the case of blond. This may be because your hair is darker than you thought. Hence, check on your undertones before colouring. 
  • If it is your first time, it is advisable to go to a professional than trying to colour your hair yourself at home.


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