All you need to know about Nayanthara’s Skin Care routine!

Some tips for healthy skin!

Every actor in the film industry would have a skincare routine, to ensure that their skin does not breakout after the heavy makeup they wear for their occupation. In addition, these actors also move from place to place for shoots, where they are forced to come in contact with different types of water. All this may affect their skin, and therefore it is essential for them to have a skincare routine.

Nayanthara’s glowing face and skin has often reminded us that she takes amazing care of her skin. Nayanthara’s secret is that she meticulously follows her skincare routine. There is one hundred percent effort behind the on-screen and off-screen glow of her skin. Come, let’s find out what her skincare routine is!

Just like many of us, Nayanthara too ensures that she has a cleanser, toner, moisturiser routine. We all know that face care begins with such simple three steps. Nayanthara too follows this mantra religiously. It is also being said that the actor prefers Ayurvedic products rather than other costly skincare cosmetics or products.

In addition to keeping her skin moisturised, the actor also ensures that she removes her makeup before going to bed. And like every beauty influencer and dermatologist reiterate, her go to product of use for face is Sunscreen, to protect her skin from the UV rays.

Nayanthara's diet and care for her glowing and lustre skin!

When someone has acne, their go-to advice is to drink a lot of water. While this may not work for some, it seems to be working for Nayanthara. She apparently drinks a lot of water, and also coconut water along with fresh juices, to ensure that the nutrients keep her skin supple. We also know that these are tried and tested beauty advices, that are generally known to work.

The Netrikann actor not only has glowing skin, but also healthy and thick tresses. Again, the secret for her haircare, is the go-to product, Coconut Oil. Nayanthara is a Keralite, and Malayalees are known for their use of Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is a natural moisturiser and ensures that skin and hair remains hydrated at all times. So, it is not surprising that Nayanthara swears by this ingredient.

Lastly, we love Nayan’s thick and well-groomed eyebrows. For this, she uses fillers and eyebrow pencils. Her makeup is always subtle as she restricts her look to Foundation, Glossy Lips and eyebrows. Her makeup is mostly casual and natural, and suits the occasion she is dressed-up for!

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