Basic Skincare Routine for Winter


When winter arrives, we tend to stock up on skincare to combat dry skin, chapped lips, and general redness. Not everyone knows where to begin with skincare or what skin type they have. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

To begin, there are four basic skin types: normal, dry, oily, and combination.

Do you want to know what your skin type is? Here are a few things that may assist you in your search.  If your skin appears shiny throughout after 30 minutes, you most likely have oily skin; if it feels tight and flaky or scaly, you most likely have dry skin; if the shine is limited to your T-Zone, you most likely have combination skin; and if your skin feels hydrated and comfortable, but not oily, you most likely have normal skin.

Now, few ways to transition your skincare routine into winter.


A gentle cleanser

Cleaning is a necessary step that we must take in all seasons. If you are prone to acne, using the proper cleanser will assist you in removing the oiliness and dirt. In general, dermatologists recommend mild cleansers that should be suitable for all skin types.




Exfoliator will help you in removing dead skin cells and keeping your skin looking healthy. Exfoliating your face twice a week, rather than rubbing it off with fruits and homemade coffee scrubs, is essential. It is advised to use a gentle chemical exfoliant.


Moisturise right after washing

When it comes to moisturisers, we must choose those that are free of harsh chemicals and contain only natural ingredients. When applying moisturiser to your face, make sure you cover your neck as well. Always keep a supply of moisturiser on hand, and bring a travel size with you when you travel.



Sunscreen SPF

That one simple thing we all forget to do during the winter is to apply sunscreen. Some people believe that sunscreen isn’t necessary during the winter, but it is always necessary. While you probably associate the sun’s harmful rays with being beaten down by them and feeling the heat on your skin, the sun comes out even when it’s cold. Aside from that, even when it’s cloudy, the sun can harm your skin.


After all of this, it is equally important that we live a healthy lifestyle. To do so, we must begin by drinking plenty of water, working out, and eating healthy. Keep a water bottle near you at all times as a reminder to drink 3L of water every day. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are great for your skin. Happy skincare!

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