8 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Bigger!

The illusion of space!

Less is More

Want to put your favorite marble urn that you got as a wedding gift on display? Then just stick to that. You do not have to necessarily showcase all your vases and curios at once. Segregate them according to colors and keep changing them once in every four months. Also, placing a single decorative element makes a bigger statement than having several small elements.


Cutting Clutter

This is possibly the cheapest way to free up space! All it takes is a little bit of organizing. Clearing out the clutter will make it easier to clean the room so that there is space for everything;even when new stuff is added. Hanging shoe organizers are not just meant to store shoes anymore; have one in every closet so that you can neatly arrange your magazines, books, beauty baubles, toys, etc. in them. Mount a sleek shelving unit on a bedroom wall to throw in all odds and ends that might be strewn around on the floor.


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