Take A Look Inside India’s Richest Man Mukesh Ambani’s Grand Home!


One of the finest residential with three roof tops, Antilia is the name of the Ambani residence situated in Mumbai. Believe it or not but the building is worth $1 billion i.e. Rs 6600 Crores and has 27 floors. According to reports, Antilia took around 7 years to build and has over 600 working staff. The building has its own theater, swimming pool, and six parking floors which can accommodate around 160+ cars.

Out of these, 2 floors are just for those cars used by the family members. For entertainment purpose, there’s a dance studio as well. The entire residence is studded with expensive stones and mirrors; it’s hard to ignore this sparkling structure at night. Have a look at these 10 images of how Antilia looks from inside:

amb 1


amb 2

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