5 Decor Ideas For Building A Romantic, Luxurious Bathroom!


More often than not, many people look at their bathrooms as a ‘functional’ space, forgetting that it is an intimate sanctuary that is ripe for romance. Creating a romantic bathroom is all about setting the right mood, so the space feels warm and inviting.

These days a bathroom shouldn’t just be a place where you shower and clean – it should be a romantic oasis, so that you can have your own private and pampering retreat. Most homeowners are aiming beyond just a regular bathroom and are opting for something that’s a little more spectacular. As you are aware, in order to achieve that you’ll need a comforting and relaxing ambience! From deep soaking tubs, candles and wine, spa features and other luxurious elements, turn your bathroom into your very own escape. Here are five fabulous romantic bathroom ideas to get you started:

Go Warm

When envisioning your romantic bathroom design scheme, start with the colours you want to incorporate. Red is the colour that is associated with love and romance, so be sure to add a few touches of it – an accent wall, floor mats, curtains, throw rugs, bath towels, flower vases and shelves will do the magic. If you and your partner are not ‘red’ people, then use different hues and tones of the colours like pink and peach as softer and lighter shades also create an atmosphere that yields romance and relaxation. If you are looking for something more dramatic, pairing shades of red with complementary colours like blues, yellows and greens or even gold and silver will add vivid sparks.

Tip: Layer your bathroom with inviting colours; it will make the space cosier and intimate.


Mood Lighting

As you are aware, if you control the lighting, you control the mood. When romance is on the agenda, the right lighting can make or break the mood and it is absolutely essential in creating a space that oozes romance and seduction. Striking overhead light fixtures and flattering lights combined with other wall fixtures will make a bold design statement. And remember, whatever the lighting designs are, make sure it can be easily controlled and adjusted for various dispositions. When you are feeling particularly romantic, have candles placed in your bathroom – this will provide an intimate feel to the room.

Tip: If you don’t want to ruin your floor with wax, place the candles on a few stone pedestals for a dramatic look.


Luxurious Bathtub

A romantic design also involves additional luxurious elements essential for that much needed sensual mix. Lavish fixtures like a soaking tub is bound to make you and your partner pampered all year round and help you create a romantic frame of mind. On a daily basis, a shower is probably the most convenient option for your bathroom; however, you can opt for a shower and tub combo. For an elegant look, a standalone option is your best bet – you can place your shower stall in a corner and let the tub take centre stage in the middle of the room.

Tip: If you cannot fit a tub and a shower stall in your bathroom, attach a handheld shower head to the tub.

Window Effect

If your bathroom has magnificent views, then you must opt for this! Although it is more convenient for a secluded property, this effect has luxury stamped all over it. Instead of having the same old small window in your bathroom, have a big window overlooking an incredible view to top off the romance feeling. Doing so will definitely boost the desirable ambience and leave you feeling comfortable and cosy no matter what the weather. Whilst soaking in the tub, enjoy the city’s skyline by leaving your big windows open!

Tip: If you have neighbours relatively close by, just opt for some screen blinds to ensure privacy.


Indulge Your Senses

Apart from the ambience of your bathroom, you should engage as many of your senses as possible if you want to turn up the romance factor a notch. Instead of using plain candles in the bathroom, choose scented options such as rose, earthy sandalwood and lavender to set the right mood. And music helps in setting the right mood as well – listen to your favourite romantic songs as you soak in the tub. You can even use scented bath oils and petals in the tub to heighten your mood.

Tip: Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while setting up the romantic ‘mood’.



You should always use elements that will develop a romantic mood and make your bath quite sensuous. 

  • You can make a heart with rose petals at the entrance of the bathroom and place a candle in the centre.
  • Have a large mirror in your bathroom – as you and your partner are getting steamed up in the bathtub, your mirror will get steamy as well.
  • Lavender is considered to be an aphrodisiac, a substance that increases passionate feelings – don’t forget to mix lavender essence with water to have a wholesome experience.
  • Always remember, dim light and soothing music is enough to set the mood.
  • And do not forget to pop open a bottle of bubbly!


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