Beliefs masked as décor items in Indian households

Adorning our homes!

Our Indian culture is varied and diverse. We have many beliefs and superstitions varying from one region to another within our Indian boundaries. But there are a few beliefs that bind us as well. Being desi, we’ve always loved bright vivid colors and incorporated them into our homes. We love decorating our homes with unique decorative items but we always make sure it is associated with the basics like Vasthu, our religious beliefs, and certain other generic superstitions.

Here is a list of such items which are masked as decorative videos but truly have inculcated certain beliefs and superstitions associated with them.



Mirrors are said to affect energies in a home. It is believed to suck away the negative energy and invoke positive energy. It is also believed to double prosperity and health for the respective owners of the house. It is believed in a few cultures not to place a mirror facing the main gate as it has the power to reflect the positive energy entering the home.
Décor benefit: Can create an illusion of space and maximizes a room’s lighting



Wind Chimes/Bells
Bells or chimes are believed when rang can erase the negative energies flowing and fill the void with positivity and serene air. It is also said to bring harmony. Hence, this kind of ritual is widely used in several worship places as well.
Décor benefit: Can bring a calm-soothing experience




No black paints
Black paints or the color, in general, is believed to bring evil and sorrow to a house, and hence it is widely avoided in India. But, now in these millennial days, black is widely chosen.
Décor benefit: It invokes the artistic capacity of the room



Crystals are believed to be amulets, armor that can protect us from evil. It is also said to have certain healing properties that can eventually bring in wealth, prosperity, and harmony.
Décor benefit: Adds a luxurious aesthetic to the room



Money plant
Money plant also called Devil’s ivy. Unlike its name, this plant is believed to remove all the financial obstacles and bring in peace, good luck, and relieve stress.
Décor benefit: Can be placed anywhere due to its compact size


No matter how masked these beliefs are within these decor items they still add a beautiful aesthetic look to our homes!!

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