8 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Bigger!

The illusion of space!

The Paler the Better


kitchen tops
Just like light shades of wall make a space look bigger, light colored counter-tops in kitchens and bathrooms make surfaces look larger. It is okay if you do not have the time to redo your entire room at a stretch, you can allocate time over the weekend to do your counter-tops alone. While picking out tiles for your bathroom, always go for lighter shades since dark ones will make them look smaller. Also, look for light colored storage pieces that merge with your shade of wall color; a white wastepaper basket placed in a corner prevents untidiness in a not so obvious way.

Lights to the Rescue

A single piece of lighting or ceiling lights throws brightness on just one spot; instead place many lighting elements in every room. Lights always catch attention and provide the onlooker with an illusion of expansiveness. Soft pink and yellow bulbs always work for every room considering they have a way of warming up the rooms. Make use of the natural lighting at daytime by hanging delicate curtains on the windows.

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