5 Things That Change After You Get Married!

It is a new set of responsibilities!

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, you’ve found your soul mate after all. It marks the beginning of a new life, a new relationship and comes with them a set of new responsibilities. While the earlier notion of life after marriage has definitely changed, a woman is no longer ‘just a wife’. She is independent, puts forth her views and ideas without hesitation, has the freedom to make her own decisions and do many more. When you tie the knot, there are some things that definitely do change, from something as basic as your day-to-day logistics to dealing with tricky situations, it’s not just you that you think about.

Here are a few ways in which life changes after marriage:

  • A new bond: Most of us have already had a taste of what serious relationships feel like. But when it comes to marriage, the terms are different. With two individuals are two families who are equally involved in the relationship. Think twice before saying or doing something that might hurt your relationship, cause it’s not just the two of you but two loving families getting affected.
  • Money management: All this while, you were earning and spending for yourself, after this momentous day you will have to think of both of you. Managing personal finances to fit into budgets, plan holidays, daily expenses, a future, investments, all need to be a joint effort from now on.
  • Friendships: No one asks you to forgo old friendships; they are special and will always be. But now you would want to hang out with other couples for obvious reasons. You can always have your girls and guys night outs but you would still want a social life with your partner, hence more couple friends.
  • Priorities: Probably when you are 24 and single, your priorities are your work, relationships and friendships as compared to when you are married. Now, your priorities are your home, husband, family and then everything else. It’s clearly justified in both cases, both right in their own places.
  • Your and the world: It’s true that the world now views you differently, from the easy-going carefree fun sister, you now have to adopt the role of a more responsible individual. Change is always good. Responsibilities make you a mature person, and you grow into a more understanding nurturing human being.

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