5 Signs Which Prove He Is The One For You!

In simple words……

He loves me, he loves me not! Urgh! Those days are long gone when women used to solely depend upon ‘Love’ from their partners. Modern women are a lot more practical (No offense to our moms and aunts). We are not as complicated as numerous articles make us look, we still are die-hard romantics with a huge pinch of practicality! We work during the day and take care of our houses too! Let’s just say all women are superheros and when finding a life partner, we need to move over the over-the-top qualities and list out simple ones that we look for in a man! Let’s make it easy for the men!

Sense of Humor

It’s no rocket science guys! It’s just that hidden funnier part of you which needs to be explored! This quality adds cherry on top of a healthy relationship! We don’t need a comedy nights kind of a rehearsal at homes, but some sarcasm, some witty liners definitely make a huge difference to the day. Being a boring ‘you know what I’m sleepy’ kind of a guy is a big no-no. We can be funny too! Just laugh at the witty one-liners your girl throws at you and reciprocate if you are not-so-humorous! It will bring a lot of positivity to your relationship.

Full of life

We’re all different and we want different things from our partner, but who would not want a guy who is fun to hangout with. ‘Fun’ can be just a quiet movie night at home, or a day of trekking or just painting the town red! Whatever it is, just having someone with whom you can do the craziest of things is so refreshing. A hard day at work is no longer long when he ends the day with a lot of happy couple things! If he suggests cooking together, having a drink or watching old movies and makes it seem fun; he is a keeper ladies!  Lying on the couch and having a simple conversation can also be a lot of fun!

God of Sex

This is particularly for  the men who think all women judge you on bed! If you think they don’t, here’s a spoiler, we absolutely do! Sex is one thing which can’t be compromised on. However, don’t stress about all those stories online where they say men have to perform or should have a big size of you know what! Size doesn’t matter as much as you think it does! Women are romantic beings and for us sex can be great if it involves a passionate kiss, fondling and a lot of cuddling! For sure climax matters,  but sex can be interesting if you know exactly what your woman wants. Keep experimenting!


The other day we were out dining with a group of friends and witnessed what exactly is wrong with this generation! A pair of siblings were on the next table and the sister fell off her chair! All of us rushed to her ‘rescue’ but her brother was laughing it off without even lending a hand for help! Given the fact that he was the one sitting next to her and he could have shown some respect, it was so ridiculous when he didn’t help! To add to that when she went to grab the first-aid box, he kept laughing at her expense with hideous headphones on and listening to some aweful ‘dont respect women’ kind-of music for sure! This is a simple example of what kind of a guy you shouldn’t be! The disrespectful headphone boy got some piece of mind from us for lack of respect. It starts at home; make sure you respect every woman around you! Women want men to respect us and that’s non-negotiable!

Loyalty and Honesty

A question many women over centuries have been asking god; Why are many men dishonest and disloyal? Let’s not argue about this! Yes, there are disloyal and dishonest people throughout both genders, but men are a lot more disloyal or ‘casanovas’ than women are! Prove us wrong if you think it’s not true! Women do not like being lied to and a lying man is a major turn off! Practice transparency and the trust will grow!

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