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10 ways to De-Stress!

Let Stress Be Gone!


Indulge in your jolly side by engaging your mind in pleasurable ways. Get crafty, cook a new recipe, read, join a game, paint or find any fun project to experience. Scour Pinterest for tonnes of DIY inspiration to add some spin to your routine life.

Increase the tunes

Music therapy is the best way to block the world and uplift your spirits. With upbeat or soothing songs, you can hum your way to serenity. You can make a ‘Happy Playlist’ to put you in that groovy mood and take the edge off when stressed.

Vent it out

Update your speed-dial with people who help you stay cool as a cucumber and inject serenity. Meet or call a friend when you’re bummed and get off your chest whatever is attacking your mind. Your boiled up anger might just turn into giggles in no time.

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