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7 Things To Keep In Mind During a Skype Interview!


Virtual interviews are the 21st century ‘walk-in’s.  They may feel a lot less stressful, but they’re every bit as real, and need just as much preparation.

When you’re attending an interview right from your cosy crib, it’s easy to forget the formal nature of it all. Try remembering these pointers if you have avideo job interview coming up:

Before the interview:

The setting

Ensure you are in a noise-free room. If you have company at home, tell them to leave you undisturbed for the duration of your interview. Set your phone to silent mode and also make sure there is no loud music or traffic that can be heard from outside.

The stage

You don’t necessarily have to be on an ergonomic chair, but you do need a seat that looks presentable and keeps you in the right posture. If your computer chair has a ripped cushion or a piece of laundry hanging from it, discard the offending item. Also, be sure to check if the camera and your chair are at par, such that your entire upper torso is in view and your head does not appear to be missing a portion.

The costume

Imagine knocking down a drink on the table and springing up from your chair, only to reveal your polka-dotted pyjamas below that elegantly collared work blouse! Not a pretty sight. Expect the worst and dress your formal best from head to toe.

During the interview:

Eyes on the prize

Whether it is your turn to speak or not, always make eye contact with your interviewer. You don’t have to stare riveted at the person, but you do have to convey through your gaze that they have your full attention.

Nothing left, nothing right

Keep all distracting visuals away from your line of vision. If there are any enticing posters beyond your screen that you’re bound to keep peering at (one of George Clooney, for example), cover it or ditch it!

After the interview:

Take a bow

Once all questions have been thrown about and answered, let the interviewer be the first one to make conclusive remarks. Then, thank the person for their time and wait for them to log out before you do.

Breaking character

Always make certain all participants of the interview are offline before you are about to change your body language or facial expression to something you would only do in private. Leaping for joy or cursing the rude interviewer can wait till you are 100% positive that nobody from the interview can see or hear you anymore.

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