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11 Amazing Habits Of Highly Successful Women!

Ways to be successful!

The invisible glass ceiling has been shattered many times over and women have excelled in every field from combat sports to coding, designing clothes to space shuttles. Women have surmounted many a barrier to walk shoulder to shoulder with men. These wonder women may be separated by time and geography and the paths they have chosen maybe diverse but all trailblazing women share the following commonalities.



Believe in yourself: This is the bedrock of success and is an absolute pre requisite. The belief and vision is so great that every failure appears to be a minor obstacle in the road to achieving their dreams. Successful women capitalise on their strengths and try to improve on their weaknesses and tend not to get carried away by either.

Resourcefulness: An attitude and mindset of resourcefulness helps women make the most of every situation and opportunity that comes their way. It makes them inventive, enterprising and provides a head start over others in the field. Willingness to embrace unfavourable situations and try to convert them to their advantage becomes second nature and characterises these women.




Value Time: Successful women value their time as well as that of others and pre planning is in built into their daily lives. Procrastination is anathema to them and what must be done will be done right then and there. Time management is second nature to these trailblazers and they are usually able to chalk out a viable work and personal life balance.

Setting Goals : Having a time frame for reaching goals helps them evaluate progress and identify areas that are impeding success. Setting goals puts them in the driver’s seat and gives them the power to steer the venture in the desired direction. Simply put to achieve success you must be aware of what and when you want it. It brings clarity and perspective to the fore.




Mentorship: No woman is an island not even a successful one. Weaving a network of like- minded and experienced people who have been there done that and seen it all provides a support system to fall back on. Most successful women attribute a portion of their success to mentorship and the value it added to their enterprise. Successful women realise that experience is an invaluable asset and extremely crucial to gaining new insights and ideas.

Learning from failure: As the famous author J.K Rowling states “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might have as well not lived in which case you fail by default.” Go getters rarely get bogged down by failure and consider it a part of the learning curve. The ability to get brush off the dirt and go for another shot with renewed vigour and wisdom is what puts them on the road to victory. They remember their mistakes but are not prisoners to it.




Reading good books: Reading is a pastime for many but there is a difference in the kind of books that successful women and the not so successful ones read. While ambitious women read to be educated others choose them merely for entertainment value. Autobiographies of inspiring personalities and successful people are the kind that the achievers devour in a bid to learn from their struggles, mistakes and life experiences.

A willingness to take the road less travelled: Successful people are adept at charting untested waters and finding niche spheres that provide a challenge and new opportunities. They are rarely deterred by the uncertainty and are more enamored by the novelty that it provides. Where angels fear to tread the gutsy jump in not recklessly but armed with the right equipment , attitude and frame of mind.

Have priorities in order: While achieving goals and success is paramount they do not ignore other aspects of a wholesome life. These are the women who are conscious about their health and manage to fit in the yoga and meditation classes into their schedule. They also understand the importance of having a life beyond work and actively pursue their hobbies and blend them with socialising and networking. Clever and perceptive as they are they never undermine the importance of family and the role it plays in their general well being.












Team Work: Though they remain the backbone and provide vision to the organisation successful people understand the importance of channelizing the talents and abilities of others to reach the end goal. The vision is more important than individual success and they are always on the lookout for talent and encourage it. Often they mentor newcomers in the organisation and work out a mutually beneficial relationship.

Take ownership: When things do not work according to plan successful women will not try to evade blame but rather seek out the cause and try to eliminate it. They are the kind of people who share success with the team but accept individual responsibility for failure. Proactiveness, responsibility, ability to handle failure in a stoic manner, curiosity, a thirst for learning, broad vision, clarity in thought and execution are the hallmarks of this glorious tribe of women. May their tribe grow and prevail!




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