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Confused On What’s Admissible At An Office And What’s not? Start Fresh With This Handy Etiquette Guide. 

Do’s & Dont’s at the workplace!

The Corporate Code

Office spaces can be tricky to figure out. Your colleagues may be your friends, but the setting changes all the dynamics. What are the rules when you’re all just hanging out at the coffee machine? Can you exchange some juicy stories or is it still strictly formal? We tell you how to strike the perfect balance with these do’s and don’ts.

Workplace don’ts:

Maintain a fair sense of modesty and don’t be an attention seeker.

Avoid idle gossip about your boss or about other colleagues. 

Do not ever ‘bad mouth’ your colleagues, in fact, don’t bad mouth anyone. Slander will only land you in trouble.

Don’t involve yourself in conversations that have sexual or racial overtones.

Don’t try to impress and court favor with your boss or immediate supervisors. Let your work speak for your recognition.

Don’t assume that everything is acceptable practice in either conversations or actions. When you’re unsure, send out feelers and read the room. 

Workplace Do’s

Always be cordial towards all at work irrespective of the hierarchy.

Maintain your tone of voice at a tolerable decibel level. A loud voice can be extremely annoying at workplace, and a feeble voice can lead to misinterpretations.

Dress appropriately or adhere to the dress code if prescribed. Let not your clothes distract your work mates. 

Practise tact and diplomacy in your words, facial expressions and body language; the way you conduct yourself at the office determines your working potential. 

Remember, not everyone shares exactly the same values you do. Adopt a policy of treating people how you’d like to be treated yourself and you should have yourself a smooth work life!

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