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10 ways to De-Stress!

Let Stress Be Gone!


Yes we know you’d like to conquer the world but we aren’t sure your sleep-deprived self can do a good job at it. Don’t skimp on a good night’s sleep but also take a power nap too. The world can wait.


We all harbor the attention-seeking little hell (smartphones) that with its constant alerts and demands only multiplies our anxiety levels.  Take conscious ‘tech-detox’ breaks to recharge your own batteries rather than furiously worrying about the batteries of your thousand gadgets. Disconnect shortly with the outside world and connect with your inside self.


In the manic pace of life today, even a five-minute meditation can detach you from stress. Retreating to a quiet space and taking out time to ‘meditate’ might seem daunting but it has been proven to keep stress at bay.

Positive self-talk

To silence our inner critic by reframing our thoughts is a surefire way to kill stress.  The continuous mental chitchat in our brain about expectations of how things should be is what creates additional pressure. Make your mind your personal cheerleader by giving yourself pep talks continually.

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