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10 ways to De-Stress!

Let Stress Be Gone!

Between demanding jobs, kids and home, the mind is always in a whirlwind with bosses to please, bills to pay and other work to be done leaving no time to squeeze in some serenity. Let these de-stressing activities be at the top of your to-do-list. 

There are quick practices to relieve the sensation of pressure that mounts stress. So the next time you feel like throwing a chair at someone or punch someone in the face, try one of these methods to tame that demon called STRESS!

Opt for a short walk

Instead of obsessing over office after your working hours, put your walking shoes on to pep your mood and sort your head in any park nearby.  Change of scenery along with chirping birds and greenery are the perfect companions to put your mind in a Zen state. A short jaunt mellows down your frazzled state of mind and helps refocus your issues.


Have a secret stash of goodies like herbal teas, aromatherapy candles, bath salts, yummy chocolates, exotic oils, hand massager or whatever fancies you. Having your own ‘mini spa’ at home is a good escape from the crazy stress. A hot bubble bath, a book and some ‘me time’. Sounds good already eh?

Write it down

Scribble your anxieties away from the tip of your mind to the paper to release the steam. Any dilemma, anger, worry or fear should be jotted down, which allows the pent-up tension to reduce and helps calm your nerves. Suddenly the office blues or nagging partner won’t seem that big.

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