Why Do Women Leave The Men They Love?

10 Top Reasons!

Whether you believe in love or not, the wish to have a life partner who understands and supports you, is every woman’s wish! The debate whether or not fairytales exist is a complete mystery, however,  deep down inside our silly hearts,we all want our little fairytale to come true.


One fine day there comes a man you trust, love and care for; a dream come true! He loves you back and then one day he slips away! You wake up and realize he’s not the one you madly fell in love with! What went wrong? There could be a zillion reasons, but we speak to some women with a broken heart, and the ones below are the top ten reasons they had in common (at least some of them)!


  • How many times have you read or have been advised that communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship? When you want your life partner to sit down, talk and look at an issue in depth, he backs out or pays no attention! Many men do not like discussing problems, especially if it involves confrontation! Every problem is bound to be solved when communicated well and discussed! But, if he doesn’t discuss or accept his mistakes for a longer period, it will drive the woman away! Relationships are never successful with one-way communication!


  • Why do men lie? No, we aren’t saying women don’t lie; but many marriages ended because the lies were way too many! It may not be about cheating all the time! Hiding a truth is no better than a lie! You’ll be appalled to know how many marriages have ended because the facts were hidden by ‘him’.


  • It’s 2016, women are no longer opting to be stay-at-home mothers or at least majority of them are independent and career focused. Ever wondered what happens when the woman earns more than her husband? It’s great that many men accept it and support their wives, many are still insecure about their wives earning more. Have you given a thought to why arranged marriage proposals require brides who are not more educated than the grooms? It’s that ego men are born with! No offense to the ones who are cool with it! High five to you boys!


  • Sex! Women are also as sexually active as their opposite sex! But, they don’t feel the need to race in on every available opportunity! It’s biological that men and women ‘want’ action in different ways! Sex is one of the most important aspects of a relationship and not appreciating what she wants, likes or doesn’t like can hurt the relationship in the long run. You’ll be surprised to know that many women feel they need to have sex no matter what they feel! Sex should be passionate and not a daily chore!


  • When selfishness takes over! If he turns out to ignore his wife’s requests to look into a family issue or to stand by her in a situation where she needs him the most; it’s a clear reason which could lead her to move away! It could be a family issue, financial problem or being on bed! At any given point if he becomes selfish, it will not last!


  • Many husbands and in laws believe the woman is responsible for all that goes wrong in the household! She has no life of her own and should be available for the so-called family functions, duties and guests! While the men can break-free and go out for that ‘much needed’ boys’ night! She has to stay back, take care of the house! Times have changed, your wife needs as much personal space as you do and giving her some much needed personal space will help keep the relationship balanced. Lack of it will surely have her pack her bags and move out!


  • You may not take it as seriously but being emotionally available for her will help make the relationship strong. Don’t leave the burden of emotional anxiety on her! It’s understandable that we are living in a busy and fast-paced environment but not being available to her emotionally will break her heart! Many women say this is one reason why they feel the need to make that one ‘friend’ outside marriage!


  • “I want a wife who has the same qualities like my mother”!!! Oh c’mon! Girls appreciate a man who respects and takes care of his mother, but a mamma’s boy is every woman’s nightmare! Your mom and your wife aren’t twins! So stop comparing her to your mom.


  • Not appreciating the little efforts she puts in to keep your side of the family can be huge disappointment. Not that she’s doing a favor, but she will feel more motivated to entertain the needs and expectations of your family, if it’s noticed and appreciated.


  • Cheating! This should top the list but it’s no less a reason than the others! There’s no argument where anyone could win that men cheat more often than women do! Check some surveys and you’ll find out it’s true. Men who are especially in their middle-age often get attracted to that hot 20-something girl at work while his wife is now middle-aged too and doesn’t take the effort of looking extra sizzling after 20 years of marriage. Don’t cheat! Many women forgive, but she’ll never love you the same way again!





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