7 Things You Must Never Tell Your Mother-In-Law!


Mother-in-law-Daughter-in-law relationship is one of the most spoken about and written about relationships ever. You leave your comfort zone, your family and get into another one for the rest of your life. Of course a woman’s relationship with her family doesn’t disappear, however, the new family and new way of living changes your life completely or atleast to some extent.

What if you marry and find out your MIL is all set to be your Best Friend Forever? You’ll jump with joy and make merry. Just in case, you end up with a mother-in-law all of us dread, then you may have to make some changes and compromise a little more than others. At the end of the day, a happy mother-in-law means a happy husband. No, don’t believe anyone who thinks otherwise; It’s a proven fact! Keep mum-in-law happy and lead a happy life!

Here are some things you must get rid of, if you want a happy life:


  • Never ever ask your mother-in-law to stop caring or taking care of your husband’s well being. Telling her that you are here now to take care of him, will set the burn level high. She’s his mother and will always be!


  • Asking your husband in front of your MIL if you should move out, is an invite to hell. If you and your husband for whatever reason decide to do so, keep it private and talk it out with her in detail and make her understand whatever your reason is.


  • Comparing your MIL to your friend’s is a big mistake. Telling her about how amazing another woman is, is a big NO!


  • Yes, it’s a great thing to share a good rapport with your mother-in-law but telling about you exes will definitely backfire. Keep the past in the past.


  • Gossiping about the members of your MIL’s side of the family is a huge mistake. Don’t try, ever! Showering love and affection to the Dad-in-law side of the family and ignoring her’s is unfair and it won’t end well.


  • Not considering your mother-in-law’s opinion on your child’s name, what to cook for dinner and many other decisions, will put a dent on your relationship with her.


  • Even if she’s a bad cook, telling her the son likes your food more than hers? Ok, that’s no good! Goodbye!

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