10 Reasons Why Dandeli Should Be On Your Must Visit List!

Karnataka’s hidden treasure!

Bored of cliche dinner dates and want to take a quick Valentines Day break? Here’s why you should back pack to this ideal getaway with your loved one and get wild and adventurous!


White water rafting – This is where you get intimate with Nature at her wildest. A jeep carries you upstream where experts train you in the basics of rafting. Be warned that it is not a theory course but a hardcore practical one in which you are required to jump into the water several times till you get the hang of things. Here’s the real challenge: a gruelling four-hour ride on vulnerable looking inflatable boats (accompanied by the experts, of course) across the meandering length of Kali conquering rumbling rapids on the way. The taste of victory when you complete the journey is exhilarating and makes you forget the overwhelming fatigue in a blink.

Coracle trip – The ride up the river in unique UFO shaped bamboo boats called coracles is worth a try. Keep a watch on the waters to spot a moving crocodile and the majestic animals soaking in the sun like idle beachcombers on the islets along the Kali. 

Natural Jacuzzi – A swim in the wild with healing potential is a rare combination and one that needs to be grabbed with both hands. And speaking of grabbing, make sure you grab on to something or someone before you step into the waters as the force of the current can be tremendous. The creek formed by the rapids of the River Kali is believed to have medicinal properties and a bath in the river rids you of all nagging aches and pains. Moreover, the splash and dash in the creek will refresh you like no spa session can. 

Moonlight boating – Nothing mixes better than the moon and lovers. Arm yourself with special accessories like night vision binoculars, a flask of hot coffee and the warm company of each other as you paddle into the peaceful silence of the river. If possible, time your visit to coincide with a full moon night. The shimmering moon drops reflected in the ripples of the Kali are a mighty pull which you will feel powerless to resist. Beware of the odd crocodile peeping up to disturb the calm and quiet.

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