Where’s the Spark? Bold moves in a childless marriage!

How to keep relationship alive and happening!

Are you a couple who has decided to not have kids anytime soon or ever? There’s one thing you would be striving to bring back into your romantic life – the sparkle, the magic. In conversation with Radhika Ramesh, *Rehna and *Nishanth talk about what they do to keep their relationship alive and happening.

“When is the good news?” is that dreaded question every married couple tries to evade awkwardly in the Indian society. Having a child within a year of marriage, or after several, or never at all is a decision consciously and independently made within every marriage. In our country however, this decision is never simple; intrusive remarks, unwarranted advice – all come flooding towards a man and his wife, sometimes creating a rift between them. Rehna and Nishanth underwent a similar journey.

Rehna dated Nishanth for 7 years before the couple finally decided to get married, but one thing they were mutually sure about was that they will not be having children. One year into the wedding, everything seemed smooth until the couple eventually preferred space and time from one another so much, that they would stay for weeks at their friends’ places and in fact get frustrated when they returned home. They sat down to rethink their choice of not having a baby but soon realised that still wouldn’t change much between them. “If you think about it, the couple needs to have already found happiness in each other when they decide to have a child. In our case, we simply wanted to cut the monotony in our lives and that’s why we thought about having a child,” says Rehna.

So, where does that leave a couple like this? Nishanth says that once they worked on rediscovering their spark, there was no worry. “We decided that sex is one of the many ways we could fix this. We would try some of the wildest positions weekly twice,” adds Nishanth. From the trickiest upside down position to the wrap-around and the laptop position (basically a woman-on-top with the woman facing away from her partner), some of these sex positions are the wildest, trickiest yet the most intimate. Adding to these, different forms of foreplay and orgasms will spice up your relationship and help you get closer.

But, this is not it. Apart from physical intimacy, emotional and mental closeness is equally important. “We would go on the most adventurous dates on a weekday; once, we went paragliding early in the morning on a Wednesday. We would even go on boat rides with the help of fishermen at midnights on weekdays. This way, we just would have a lot of conversations to make,” quotes Rehna.

“Everyone’s relationship is different and a couple must never compare theirs to another person. It’s the ultimate solution to a strong, happy and a very healthy relationship,” concludes Nishanth. The couple has been married for 10 years now and has no kids but they seem to be extremely happy and are going on some of the most beautiful and wildest adventures ever.

*Names have been changed as per request.


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