What’s The Perfect Age for Marriage?

We Might Have An Answer For You!

When you finish college and find a good job, you would think there’s nothing else your parents can
really ask of you; you have finally got that independence you so dearly desired. However, this is
usually the time you get asked perhaps the most difficult ‘request’ of all: “You’re well settled, you’re
doing good, isn’t it time to get married?”

What is the right age to get married? Is it possible to give a definitive answer to this question? Well,
according to one survey, tying the knot between the ages 28-32 is ideal, leading to the most
successful marriages. This is the apparent age where humans look to settle down, are financially
stable and generally have their lives together. However, another survey suggests that marriages in
their late 40s end up being the most successful, but good luck trying to explain that to your parents!
Parents and relatives measure ‘the right age to get married’ through other metrics; did you recently
buy a house, or recently get promoted? Did your elder siblings or cousins get married recently?
There is no better indication according to them. Your best friend getting married can also be a mixed
bag for you depending on your eagerness to get married; should you feel happy for them or annoyed
for giving people around you even more ammunition?

If you came to this article thinking you’ll get a straight answer, justified by some sort of science, well,
you have been given 3 choices; survey 1 says 28-32, survey 2 says in your late 40s, and you have the
measures everyone else sets you. Still too confusing? Why not check out Saru’s latest video on the
JFW channel. She has the answer!


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