What is Your Bridal Personality?

Are you the Bride-zilla?

A wedding and all its running list of plans are enough to make anyone go a little crazy. Some buckle
under pressure, some wisely take on only as much as they can handle, while others micro-manage the
teeniest decisions. Find out which description best suits you as a bride!
The Tequila Bride: Two shots every few hours, and there is nothing to fret. Your friends are your support
system, they have promised to keep you sane, but not sober throughout the entire wedding
extravaganza. You are a happy-high bride with a naughty smile on her face and no nerves to bring her

The Perfectionist: Also known as the Pinterest bride, you have pre-decided every wedding detail. You
have always wanted a fairy-tale wedding and you stop at nothing to get the same. Your super supportive
family and friends are your pillars who make this dream come true by fulfilling your every crazy and
minute request.

The Portrait Bride: Your every action is for the camera, whether it is striking a pose while you get your
hair done, or walking down the aisle with the broadest grin. For you, each moment needs capturing, a
smile, a tear, a flower or a beer, all things candid.

The Unconventional Bride: You are the funky, quirky bride who respects traditions but wants a break
from them. So if the ceremony is too mainstream, you bring a twist with new ideas. Ranging from invites
to your trousseau, your plan is to surprise and sometimes even shock everyone.

The Anxious Bride: The pressure to have everything go perfectly on D-day gets you overwhelmed. Your
sweaty palms, shaky feet and rising body temperature only add to the wedding madness. Even though
you know you are the most important person of the day, you help but wonder what might steal your
thunder on the wedding day.

The Bride-zilla: Sorry honey, but you are a nightmare to be around on your big day. You are a bundle of
livewire nerves and there is just no telling when you will rain fire on someone for the slightest reason. It
could be the unfortunate soul who came to tell you that the flower arrangement fell apart, or the poor
bridesmaid who tried to fix your hair that came loose. People, your parents included, walk on eggshells
around you for fear of having their invitation revoked.

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