What I Learnt From The Ex Who Cheated On Me

An Open Letter To Men Who Cheat.


“Hearts are wild creatures; that’s why our ribs are cages.”

Perhaps the wildest creatures of them all. My wild heart fell for you while your wild heart never fell for anyone. I had always looked up to my relationship with you as something to survive on. You crawled into my world and then slowly you started seizing my world. Now that things are different, I am finally able to see what we were. I have obtained a sense of clarity, something that I had failed to reach out to when I was with you.

What you have done to me, I hope women like me should never go through. You stole from me, you left me stranded and you kicked me hard. I looked at you as a friend and an exceptional lover. Perhaps, that is the reason I couldn’t see what you were doing to me. My love for you eclipsed my sense of logic and reasoning. I wanted to settle because I saw potential in you. But now I realize, I settled for something that was never meant to happen to me. I brought you on myself.

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