V-Day Hair & Makeup Rulebook

Nail the perfect look!

V-Day Hair & Makeup Rulebook

Lush hair and soft makeup are all you need this Valentine’s Day to enchant your partner. It is much less complicated than you think it is.

Valentine’s Day is all about love and attraction and make this V-Day extra memorable by looking drop dead gorgeous. With these makeup and hairdo tips, you can be assured to sweep your loved one off his feet.

Nude mood

Get the Jennifer Lopez trademark nude, muted lips. Select a fleshy shade that has a peachy undertone rather than a gray one to get the best looking nude lips. Alternatively, opt for satin lipsticks. They are the way to go with men. Matt lips throw men off and avoid the ultra glossy lipsticks.

All eyes on you

Faux lashes that are soft, flexible and easy to apply are exactly what you need with a thick black liner.Alternatively, one could try applying a neat and pastel lavender eyeshadow to the eyes for a simple yet classy look. As bold shades start looking messy faster than the neutrals, opt in for a silky, crease-proof eyeshadow.For the evenings, to make a statement, go for copper shadow. Metallic eye shadows are smudge proof than inkier shades; you can then rim the eyes with black liner.

Flirty braid and twist

Try a playful braid such as fishtail, waterfall or milkmaid. Once the braid is woven, widen and roughen it up by pulling on either side with your fingertips. Alternatively, you could try a French twist with the loose ends rested on one shoulder on the side, rather than tucked in.

Of Buns and Knots

Pile up your hair into a bun. Gather up curly strands rather than straight ends! You can also try something knotty – make a high top knot to accentuate your bone structure. To keep the look flirty and fun, tug out a few strands near your temples.

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