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Since I’m a travel junkie as well as an adventure sports junkie I try to dabble in both. So on one trip if I go skydiving or bungee jumping, the next trip I plan by the beach or the mountains so I can just lounge, chillout and walk around the place. I love both equally. I pick adventure when my energy levels are high and I pick leisure just after a very hectic and erratic shoot.


I’m not a light traveller so my must have is pretty much everything; my mum keeps telling me to pack light so that way you can shop more, but I carry two suitcases and invariably come back with a whole lot of excess baggage. Must haves apart from my passport and credit cards are my toiletries and clothes for all occasions 😉 One very memorable trip was Australia with my friends n Newzealand when I went on an adventure trip alone. I never diet when I holiday – I think that’s a sin 😉 so I eat to my heart and stomach’s content! Then, I love walking so that keeps my weight in check.Paris was a good shooting experience, I had 4 days off so basically took a map and toured the whole city. It was romantic and beautiful!

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