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Sameera Reddy Ticks Off One More Thing Off Her Bucket List!

Travel Goals!

Sameera Reddy is one of the most real, positive and unfiltered people you would find on social media today. Her approach towards life is inspiring. A mom to 2 beautiful kids, Sameera Reddy talks about body positivity, real beauty, relationships, sustainable living etc.

During the pandemic, she and her family made a life-changing decision of moving from a big city like Mumbai to a quaint and beautiful Goa. She practices simple living and promotes it on her Instagram handle as well. Her tells with her mother-in-law are a testament to their bond. They bicker, tall, engage, laugh and create amazing content for us to binge on.

Recently, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, her family went on a holiday to Holland. She says “ Few weeks ago Hans was reading a book on cultures of the world. There was a pic of Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. He went to his dad and said ‘Why don’t we take mama there for Mother’s Day!’ And they did.”


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From there, they headed to their next destination which was in France. The family went to Disneyland Paris and they talks about how the universe wanted her to experience it with her two children. It’s her first trip to Disneyland and the actress describes the experience as totally worth it.



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