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Did Amala Paul Say Yes To Marry Boyfriend Jagat Desai?

Yes, she did!

Amala Paul has embraced the gypsy life, she lives in Kerala and is very vocal and open about the kind of sustainable life she lives. She is often seen posting snippets from her life where she gives us an insight into what kind of life she lives. Her posts are mostly raw and filter-free, a quality we appreciate in public figures who like to keep it real.

Today, her boyfriend, now fiancé put a video on social media with the caption “ My Gypsy Queen said yes”. In the video, we can see the couple having a moment where he first dances for Amala and then surprises her with a ring. She says yes! And we can see how happy the couple looks together.


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A post shared by Jagat Desai (@j_desaii)

Amala Paul was married to director AL Vijay which ended up in divorce in just a few years. The couple went through quite a public separation and divorce with one part trying to pin the blame on the other.

In 2020, there was also another rumour and pictures of her dressed in wedding attire with her then-boyfriend Bhavninder Singh. There were a lot of speculations about their wedding which she later denied saying she would announce it when it’s actually true. The relationship ended soon after.

We would like to congratulate the couple on this happy occasion! Can’t wait for when they announce the date!

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